Welcome to AeroFix Cycles

At AeroFix Cycles, we are passionate about fixed gear bikes. The most important thing to us is that you feel totally at one with your fixie bike. It’s not enough for us that our bikes look good. They must also inspire confidence in their performance when you hit the streets.

High Standards Results in High Quality

You can always expect the highest quality bikes from AeroFix Cycles. That’s because we set high standards for ourselves in every stage of design and manufacturing. We set our standards so high because we ride the bikes we build. We love our fixie bikes. You will too!

We Stay in Sync with Our Customers

Each fixie bike we design is born from years of fixed gear bike riding and manufacturing experience. To perfect our bikes, our design team listens to the needs and preferences of our customers and fellow riders. The ultimate result is a fixie bike that is truly a rider’s bike.

Because we are always perfecting our bikes, we’d love for you to give us your input. If you share our passion for fixie bikes, tell us how we can make our bikes even better by calling us at 866-838-6120 or emailing us at with your comments, suggestions, or questions.


AeroFix Team