Fixie Bikes

Your style is unique. We get it. So is ours!

You deserve a fixie that expresses your individuality. That’s why we’ve dreamed up some of the most minimalistic, sophisticated, and sporty fixed-gear bike designs you’ll ever see. And we are proud of each one of them.

Our clever team of designers rock! They’ve worked hard to create a collection of fresh styles to fit every personality without sacrificing the high quality we’re known for. Because we ride the fixie bikes we build, we know the power and efficiency that they possess. And we are constantly looking for ways to improve.

AeroFix Cycles fixie bikes are designed from the ground up to maximize your freedom, fun, and fitness. Their strong, lightweight frame is built for a smooth ride on the roughest streets. Every fixie bike we build comes complete with 50 mm deep-dish wheels and a KT Quando rear “flip flop” hub that gives you the option of riding in fixed gear or single-speed mode.

Take your time browsing our collection. Every fixie we create easily stands out from the crowd. From the subdued elegance of the monochrome stealth AeroFix Spade fixie, to the glow-in-the-dark AeroFix Sole fixie with its neon green frame and deep-dish wheels, we’ve covered all of the bases.

View stunning photos and read detailed specs by clicking on the image of the fixie bike model that’s calling your name.