Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do the bikes weigh?
22 - 24 pounds depending on the size. AeroFix Fixies are made of light weight Hi-Tensile Steel.

What is a "flip flop" hub?
Flip-flop hubs are rear bicycle hubs that are threaded to accept fixed cogs and/or free wheel on both sides.
The rear wheel comes equipped with a flip/flop hub, so you can have the option of riding fixed gear or free wheel.

Riding with a fixed gear bike the rear cog will continually rotate along with the pedals.
This means that you can’t stop pedaling once you start moving. The pedals are always moving and you can’t coast.
Some Riders prefer fixed because make the rider feel connected to the bike.

Riding with Free wheel means you can coast and relax while riding. Pedals Do Not continually rotate. 
This is the standard configuration most people will be comfortable with and it is how our bikes are shipped.

Do The Fixie Bikes Come Assembled?

Your new fixie bike will arrive 90% assembled. You will need to install the front tire, pedals, handle bar and seat. Instructions are included.

Out Of Box Image


Do You Offer Warranty?
Yes. Please visit our Warranty & Returns page For More Info.

What Is Your Return Policy?
Please visit our Warranty & Returns page for more info?

Do You Offer International  Shipping?
Yes. We offer world wide shipping. In the shopping cart page you can check shipping rates. Please visit our Shipping Page.

Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?
Yes. Please visit our Shipping Page for more information.

Do I Get Free Shipping If I Order Accessories With My New Fixie Bike Or Fixie Wheelset?

Yes. Except for Drop Bars.

Will I get tracking information?

Yes. You will receive a tracking number after your order has been placed. We will send you all the FedEx shipping information to your registered email.
You can also log in to your account at My Account to check your order status.

When will my order ship?
If order is placed before 3 PM PST it will ship same day.

When Will I Get My Order?
Typically 1 - 5 days. Depending on location.
West Coast 1 - 3 days estimated delivery time.
East Coast 2 - 5 days estimated delivery time.

Does My New Fixie Bike Have FedEx Shipping Insurance?

Yes. All products shipped have FedEx Shipping Insurance.

Do You Offer Local Pick Ups?

Yes. We are located in Los Angeles, CA. Please place your order on our website and print and bring your receipt with you.

Do I Have To Pay Sales Tax?
Only California resident must pay sales tax.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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