Welcome to AeroFix Cycles. We offer high quality fixie bikes that feature light weight frames, rear KT Quando "flip flop" hubs & 50mm deep dish wheels. We also have a great selection of accessories for your new fixed gear bike. Enjoy your visit!

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Don’t wait another day to enjoy the freedom and confident control of a fixie bike. It’s time to move! When you ride a sleek, fixed gear bike you experience a profound connection with your bike and the road that you just can’t get from other bikes.

There’s simply nothing like it! Ride one of our fixie bikes for transportation, fun, or fitness. Whatever your reason is for riding a fixie, our single-speed bikes will perform as well as they impress.

Also known as fixed-gear bikes, fixies are the hottest and most economical mode of transportation on the streets. When you own one of our fixie bikes, you’ll know that you’re riding a bike with the highest-quality workmanship and a durable finish that will stand up to the toughest urban terrain.

Whichever AeroFix fixie bike model you choose, you’ll have the finest bike on the block. That’s because every fixed gear bike we design and manufacture is made for speed and maximum control. They each feature 50 mm deep-dish wheels and a KT Quando rear “flip flop” hub that gives  you the flexibility to ride in either fixed-gear or single-speed mode. How you ride is up to you.